Beaming White

Beaming White is a company that have fully submerged themselves into teeth whitening market. Their products are innovative and fun. The company spent many years in the business of producing professional teeth whitening products, so it’s only logical for them to develop an at-home system. They have the traditional teeth whitening kits as well as tanning teeth whitening system and teeth whitening music headset.

Their basic kit includes mouldable mouthpiece with a retainer case, and bleaching gel which comes in two different concentrations – 22% and 35% carbamide peroxide. The kit also includes re-mineralizing gel which desensitizes the teeth to make the process more pleasant and protects enamel. Each application lasts between 30-60 minutes and is usually repeated daily for one or two weeks.

Beaming White also offers a teeth whitening system for your tanning routine. Before you climb into your tanning bed, apply the 16% H2O2 gel to your teeth and let the UV light whiten your teeth while you tan.
Beaming White offers a fun product which allows you to listen to your music while you are whitening your teeth. Headphones are attached to a small LED light right is positioned at your mouth. When ready to whiten, apply whitening gel to your teeth and smile, letting the LED light do its work. The results are seen after an hour, and the kit comes with enough gel for 15 applications. It’s fast and safe, and completely painless. You get the results you want without swollen gums or sore teeth. The headphones work with most music players, including iPod.

Consumer Report

The LED light treatment works really well. The results are seen after the first use, and their musical whitening set is a very fun idea, not one you would want to be seen wearing outside your house, but none the less fun. It’s a little hard to make sure all of your teeth are being exposed to the light in front of your mouth for an hour. Beaming White whitening gel is reported to work fairly well but the entire brand as a whole is a little expensive.

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